The best cappuccino and house made pastries in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Kids. Listen up.  We have found the BEST cappuccino and pastries (and the best part is they around the corner from our apartments!)  But we would travel far and wide if we had to.

Check out the cafe at  Lilia.  So yummy!  The cappuccino is strong, flavorful, rich.  (And they don't ask what size you want, which is the first and most basic mark of a place that knows what they are doing! Cappuccino is cappuccino, period.  The ratios matter and it shouldn't come in different sizes, unless you're ordering one from Starbucks which you probably should not be doing...)

Now let's talk about the pastries at Lilia.  Wow.  Really unique, and not too sweet which is appreciated.  Our favorites are the brioche, which is filled with fresh whipped cream and absolutely melts in your mouth.  And another favorite is the sweet focaccia with plums and fennel.  (Toppings change seasonally).  The dough is tangy, soft inside and ever so slightly crunchy outside, and the toppings are baked and just a touch caramelized.

Treat yo'self.  (Sorry that was really cheesy).  But seriously.  Treat yo'self.


Delicious Cappuccino at Lilia Williamsburg

Delicious Cappuccino at Lilia Williamsburg