The best podcasts to listen to while walking around NYC-or anytime/anywhere!

Overwhelmed by all the podcasts out there?  So are we!  

What an amazing genre in that it's a true Wild Wild West free-for-all, but that also makes it difficult to narrow down the overwhelming options.

A friend once said to me "never waste a moment of consciousness" and now when I'm cleaning my apartment or walking around the city, I am reminded of that opportunity to always be learning something new.

Here are Darling's recommendations for learning, laughing, or just letting your mind wander into exciting new territory.


NPR's new podcast, How I Built This is SO good!!  I'd go as far as to say it's addictive... Host Guy Raz interviews the founders of some of our era's most beloved, ubiquitous companies such as AirBnb, Instagram, Vice, and Clif Bar.  

The listener finds out the truly unique, inspirational, and often unbelievable circumstances under which these companies were founded. Besides being really mind-opening, it also makes you want to get out of your chair as soon as it's over and start the world's next game-changing company.  You can do it!

STORIES OF EVERYDAY LIFE:  Beautiful/Anonymous

Chris Gethard's Beautiful/Anonymous is a beautiful experiment in human interaction.  Sometimes it's wildly successful, other times it falls flat, but that's all part of the fun.  It's almost like Russian Roulette, but nobody dies.  At least not on air.  

Basically, an anonymous caller dials the host, and only the caller can hang up (if they want to), but the host must stay on the call for the full hour.  There is no agenda other than just talking.  That's it.  And whatever comes up is fair game.  Gethard has a knack for going pretty deep, almost like a comedian therapist-but always respectful of the guest.  Often an unexpected journey takes place and it's both terrifying and fascinating to follow along.


Is there ANYTHING Alec Baldwin can't do well?  Here's the Thing w/ Alec Baldwin. It's not new but it's a classic, good one.  He's smart, hilarious, perceptive and seems to be besties with every famous person in the world.  Listening is like getting to hang out with two of the coolest people ever.  Pure fun, yet also can get a little more gritty and real than you expect.  

DESIGN: 99% Invisible

Ever wonder who invented the shopping mall, and why?  Or who decides that this season's color is "Spearmint"?  Host Roman Mars uncovers these, and countless other, intriguing mysteries in 99% Invisible.  Aptly titled because the theme seems to be all the things we see and use and participate in every day, but aren't always aware of how they came to be.  Mars parts the curtains for us in a charming, entertaining style.

NEWS:  World Story of the Day

Another one from NPR, of course.  World Story of the Day  is the perfect bite size chunk of important, interesting, relevant news and perfect if you only have a few minute walk to the subway or while you're standing in line to pick up your dry cleaning.  In a few short minutes I've been made aware of many stories I'd surely have missed otherwise.  Topics range from local to international news, and can be listened to in rapid fire succession to get caught up.

Lovely walk in NYC, only thing missing is a good podcast!

Lovely walk in NYC, only thing missing is a good podcast!