How to survive late nights at work (and have some fun doing it)

Now that fall has finally fallen, is everyone hitting the 'go button' as hard as we are??

Guilty summer pleasures (of which there were countless!) have drifted into the much needed, adrenaline filled 'gotta make it happen' phase of the year.

Here are our suggestions to get you through an all-nighter:

Music:  The North Borders album, by Bonobo.  It's energetic yet also peaceful, and doesn't distract from the task at hand.  Here is the Spotify link. 

Sweet Treats:  Aux Merveilleux de Fred. O.M.G.!!  These light, fluffy, dollops of goodness are meringue-like (yet totally UNlike) anything you've ever tried.   And tonight we overheard the owner mentioning they might be opening another shop in NYC-you heard it here first! YUM.

Coziness:  Trust us, if you are going to invest in a sweater this year, make the it the Yulia sweater dress by Demy Lee.  It is out of this world.  So soft, so comfortable, so pyjama-like which makes it perfect for a good study/work session-yet at the same time kind of that cozy/sexy/elegant look.  In fact once you're finally done working, you could throw on a pair of chunky booties, like these awesome Althea Denim Boots by Acne Studios (crushing on these kinds of beautiful treasures are exactly WHY we have to work so hard $$!)... and go out and celebrate that you're finally done working!  

Goodnight, Darlings :)  Time for bed...

Cozy Demy Lee Yulia Sweater Dress

Cozy Demy Lee Yulia Sweater Dress