How to spend a magical week in Iceland-Part 1: Reykjavik, then Camping, Hiking and Fresh Bilberries.

Ladies and gentleman, if you've never been to Iceland, don't wait another minute!!  First of all, Iceland Air allows a free week stopover if you go anywhere else in Europe, making it a killer deal.  

We'll admit, a week in Iceland is pretty short and given how much intense nature and there is to discover, next time we'd like to spend at least three weeks.  That said, there's plenty to do!

First stop was Reykjavik, the capital, which is even smaller than we realized.  We linked up with a group of couch surfers  and it was such a great way to get some good tips from other travelers!  Here is the group we met.

Beer is super expensive in Iceland so hitting happy hour is a must.  One of the best discoveries during the pub crawl was a live podcast being taped in the back room of a bar, called "Icetralia".  These guys are smart, funny, and NOT shy when it comes to discussing, most of all, sex in both Iceland and Australia.  

Stayed with the lovely Iris and Fabien using AirBnb.  It was a great location, and near one of the city pools which are fun and very traditionally Icelandic.  In fact, swimming in Iceland is a major theme.

Also took a fab walking tour of Reykjavik with an adorable tour guide, and it was donation based which was great, so check it out here.

Visited the Blue Lagoon which is touristy but beautiful and a must do.  And it's right by the airport so it's worth doing before getting into town, actually...and book ahead online, otherwise you might not get a spot! They are quite limited.

Reykjavik Church

Reykjavik Church

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