Where to meet great people and make new friends in New York City November 03 2016, 0 Comments

Let's face it.  Moving to New York City and becoming an 'adult' can be very exciting...but one of the challenges is continuing to meet interesting people, in organic ways, and continue to make quality friends when you leave the cocoon of childhood, college, your hometown, etc.

We are here to help!

Check out these awesome opportunities that we've personally tested, and which have our complete seal of approval.



Our dear friend Emily Merrill started a brilliant company, (mainly women-centric), but there are also many co-ed events.  She creates evenings that are personal and interesting-every one we've gone too, we've met people that have helped us in our business and lives, and in unexpected ways.  Just last night we met a professional artist/mural painter who is going to paint a beautiful mural for us outside of Darling!  

Emily also hosts fun events like oyster shucking, wine + cheese pairings, headshot photography sessions, SEO workshops...but again, her greatest strength is the quality of people she is able to pull together each and every time.  Go get 'em!


Six Degrees Society Co-Ed Networking Event



This group is SO. MUCH. UNEXPECTED. FUN.  Most people these days don't generally think of classical music when they think of exciting, new things to try in the city.   Lincoln Center /  NY Philharmonic can seem intimidating or out of reach, or just not your average weekend radar.  But chamber music at its core has always been an intimate and fun way for people to enjoy music in group settings, and in unique spaces.  Groupmuse makes it so easy and special to enjoy this beautiful art form, and also to meet great people (and drink each others' wine-its BYO).  

Basically hosts can sign up for musicians to come into their apartments or workplaces, and the host lets Groupmuse know how many guests can fit.  Groupmuse will send talented musicians and guests, (you can also invite your friends), and then...just let the magic happen!


Groupmuse Chamber Music Concerts NYC




Who doesn't want to learn how to make fresh cavatelli, go deep into the art of Japanese joinery, or one of our personal favorites, get wild with  aerial silks.  Trust us, your friends and lovers will be VERY impressed when you are twisting and twirling beautifully, while hanging from a 30" warehouse ceiling in Bushwick....(and your hot, muscular new abs will be thanking you as well).


Cavatelli Fresh Pasta Making Class Course Horse NYC

Aerial Silk Class The Muse Course Horse Brooklyn