Three places to find peace in New York City after a really crazy week November 11 2016, 0 Comments

Wow.  The presidential election...Leonard Cohen...What a seriously heavy, tumultuous, confusing week.

New York City, as we all know, can be an exciting place that feels non-stop.  And it is, in many ways.  But there are plenty of places to breathe, enjoy, relax, and contemplate.

Here are our recommendations for a calming, illuminating November.



Attend The Big Quiet-"Massive Meditations for Modern People."  These fun events are held in unique venues all over the city - they include music, meditation, delicious food and drinks, and beautiful people.  Organized by  Medi Club, a monthly meditation gathering started by Jesse Isreal, an entrepreneur and regular meditator whose mission is to bring New Yorkers together for an inclusive and energetic series of meditations all over the city.

The Big Quiet Medi Club Meditation by Jesse Israel



The Dream House is a townhouse-turned-art space in Tribeca, now in its 24th season.  Each exhibit is experimental, interactive, and immersive.  And rumor has it that the rooms are acoustically perfect.  

(This is also a great place for a romantic and impressively different date!)

The Mela Foundation Dream House Tribeca Sound and Light Environment Exhibit



Check out a fabulous talk at the 92nd Street Y.  What a vast array of world-class authors, actors, filmmakers, artists, musicians, scientists and more, giving intimate, informative talks at one of New York City's iconic cultural institutions.  And for very reasonable prices!  For $38 you can check out journalist Bob Woodward and founder of the Washington Speakers Bureau Bernie Swain give a lecture entitled "After the Election, Now What: American's Future, and Lessons of Leadership."  

Yeah, what's next?? That's what we'd like to know.

Bob Woodward Bernie Swain 92nd Street Y Lecture New York City Presidential Election 2016