Darling gets Wild with Brooklyn Raga Massive x Pioneer Works August 11 2016, 0 Comments

It's been a while since we've posted, but that's because summer in New York City is just so much fun!  Who has time for computers...But here we are and we want to share.  A few weeks ago we attended an amazing, 24 hour music festival in Red Hook, Brooklyn called the Ragas Live Festival, put on by Pioneer Works and Brooklyn Raga Massive.  

To quote the Pioneer Works website "Roughly meaning “color the mind”, raga are musical modes or essences from the Indian Classical Music tradition. The festival will bring together more than 70 musicians for a 24 hour cycle that will reflect the unique characteristic of ragas in which performances are assigned to definite times of the day and night."

We stayed all 24 hours and it was absolutely magical watching the moon rise, the sun rise, and everything in between, all the while experiencing such incredible music.  There were carpets and pillows inside where we could half-sleep/half-dream while listening, or we could leisurely roam around, enjoy a cold beer outside (much needed at times due to the thick NY Summer heat), or just take a moment and stroll outside.

This will certainly be a yearly tradition!

(Side note, if you are in Red Hook, make sure to visit the Red Hook Lobster Pound.  It was yummy!)


Hut with Moon at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn

Picnic Table + Food Truck at Pioneer Works in Red Hook Brooklyn


Retro Trailer at Pioneer Works in Red Hook Brooklyn

Brooklyn Raga Live Festival at Pioneer Works in Red Hook